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Food and Surfaces

Latest Food and Surfaces News
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Latest Food and Surfaces News

WHO and FAO to Evaluate Chlorine's Use in Food Production
(April 20, 2007)
Rapid Increase of Salmonella Contamination in Chicken Reported
(December 4, 2006)
E. Coli Outbreak Linked to California Spinach Growers
(September 26, 2006)
FDA Approves Virus as New Food Safety Additive
(August 25, 2006)
USDA Aims at Salmonella Reduction in Meat and Poultry Industry
(March 10, 2006)
FDA Proposes New Guidelines for Safe Produce
(March 10, 2006)


Holiday Food Safety Begins at Home: Safety Tips for Holiday Food Handling
-Water Quality and Health Council
Simple Ways To Promote Kitchen and Food Safety
-Water Quality and Health Council
Degrees of Clean: Consumer Cleaning Products Defined
-Joan B. Rose, Ph.D.
Kitchen Safety Starts With Clean Surfaces
Good Food Starts With a Clean Kitchen (Poster)
-Water Quality and Health Council
A Sanitary History of Household Bleach
-Washington Post
Chlorine: E. Coli Killer
-North American Press Syndicate
Chlorine and Food Safety White Paper
Chlorine Chemistry Division of the American Chemistry Council
Hospital Disinfectants and Spore Formation by Clostridium Difficile
Department of Microbiology, General Infirmary at Leeds and University of Leeds
Safety and Cleaning of Medical Materials and Devices
FDA, Center for Devices and Radiological Health, Division of Life Sciences
Clean Cutting Boards Are Not Enough
-The New York Times

Highlights from Our Newsletter

Washington Update - Acheson Named Director of Food Safety and Security
(Winter/Spring 2004)
Contaminated Meat Cause for Concern Among Regulators and Consumers
(Winter 2003)
Hospital-Acquired Infections a Menacing Trend in Health Care Settings
(Winter 2003)
Mold Sparks Fear in Homeowners; Experts Uncertain about Serious Dangers
(Winter 2003)
Chlorine Dioxide and Bleach Play a Major Role in Anthrax Remediation of the Hart Senate Office Building
(Summer 2002)




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